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  • Live Punjabi Cooking
  • Curries, BBQ, Steaks, Burgers, Kebabs
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  • B.Y.O.B.
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We are delivering taste sensations that take you beyond your expectations but with reminder of the origins.

Our Kitchen

DesiPakwan's preparatory methods include following core cooking styles:

Degh: The traditional Punjabi way of cooking colorful and fragrant dishes in a silver Degh, witch is vessel that ensures the authentic Punjabi taste.

Open BBQ & Grill: Barbecue over a charcoal flame.

Tandoori Tawa: A really hot disc, oven baked breads.

Order Your Favourite Dishes

At DesiPakwan we adapt time-honoured and traditional methods with fresh quality seasonal produce to serve regional, from Punjabi spices curries to charcoal mixed grill and sizzling lamb chops, each dish has forged it's place in history. We hope your visit toDesiPakwan restaurant will give you a glimpse of subcontinent and its rich cultures.

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